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A Campus of Possibilities

And here are the reasons why.

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You’re an expert in science, we’re your expert in lab space.

11 Buildings

The Triangle LIFE community is a major hub for science companies in North Carolina’s Research Triangle offering 11 buildings to connect people, place, and purpose in an amenity-rich atmosphere.

801,157 SF

There is 806,157 SF among the 11 buildings on the Triangle LIFE campus, which includes Class A lab and innovation space for scientific break-throughs.

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We build partnerships that go beyond transaction.

From our partners

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The campus is a Life Science ecosystem to fit your every need.

Innovation focused environment

From small entrepreneurial firms to large corporations, Triangle LIFE is home to biotechnology, pharmaceutical and other lab-centric companies with epic goals and complex needs. As innovation continues to evolve in the Research Triangle, Triangle LIFE maintains its longtime commitment to being the cutting-edge hub for the best in life science.

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We’re vertically integrated to support your every need.

We’re here to help.

Being vertically integrated allows us to offer a holistic and unified suite of real estate services to our partners.

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We elevate the work environment.

Each campus and development throughout the Longfellow
portfolio is one-of-a-kind, no two are identical. We offer our clients
and community a way to engage with each other, creating
unexpected connections and unique opportunities.

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75,502 SF Available at Triangle LIFE

Find your opportunity to join the community.

19,323 SF

5,308 SF

14,666 SF

21,989 SF
14,216 SF

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